MBC Ceramics: Wheel thrown domestic stoneware made in Tyne and Wear
About Me

Mark at the wheelMaking wheel-thrown pottery is a highly skilled craft. It’s taken me over seven years of training to be able to confidently produce the quality of work listed on the site. Each pot I sell has been preceded by hundreds, even thousands of didn’t-quite-make-its and failed attempts going back over the years. Each pot has been made with the same amount of energy and determination to master the craft of wheel-thrown production – making every item unique, and very special. I believe that it’s this energy, hard-won skill, and creativity that gives all of my work the ability to bring their owner more in touch with every day acts like putting on the kettle. MBC Ceramics is about putting quality craftsmanship on the dinner table and into the sink. It’s affordable, durable, and honest stuff. Practical art, you might say.

I love making good, solid, usable pots that aren’t fussy – pots that strike a balance between functionality and design. I try to give all my pots energy; I want them to look like they’re alive – about to leap out of your hands or spring off the table. Every piece in my range has been developed to be comfortable to hold, solid, and no heavier than it needs to be. I take great care with my work – every swirl on every plate and the curve on each mug handle has to look right. If they aren’t spot on they end up in the reclaim bucket to have their turn again.

I am inspired by the strong shapes of functional Mediaeval pottery, as well as ancient Roman and Greek curves. My work takes elements of each of these periods, mixes with the influence of the different potters I have worked with, and is tempered by my own tastes. I love chalky, creamy, opaque glazes that drip down the pots as if they’re almost still wet – they give an idea of the processes involved in making the work. Solid, earthy, natural colours inspire my glazes; pale olive greens, ivories, bird’s egg blues, iron reds and sandy yellows are my favourites. I often dip one glaze over another to fuse colours, adding depth, interest and contrasts to the work.

My passion for ceramics extends to inspiring others. On the site you’ll find links to tuition sessions and workshops taking place all over the north east. It’s about getting people involved and promoting the confidence, creativity and all-round feel-good factor that comes from working with clay in all its forms. Check out the links and get yourself signed up to take part!

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Mark Burns Cassell